1. Dual Rear Wheels
    - CM1401 & CMX1402
    - CMX186 (pictured below)
    - CMX227
  2. Fire Extinguisher
    With mount
  3. ROPS (Roll Over Protection System)
    Protect yourself in case of rollover with the Rollover Protection System (ROPS).
    Complete with a seat belt, this is an optional accessory to improve operator protection in the case of accidental rollovers and tipovers. 
    - ROPS can be fitted to any model in the Razorback range.
    - Fitted Height 1725 mm
  4. Suspension seat
    For a comfortable ride in rough conditions
    - Grammar Suspension Seat with arm rests (pictured below)
    - Milsco Suspension Seat with arm rests
  5. Tow Hitch
    Utilise your Razorback on other tasks around your property by towing a garden trailer loaded with tools or mulch etc.
  6. Recovery Winch
    Easy way out when your Razorback gets into boggy ground. This 12 Volt DC Electric Winch is an optional accessory designed to pull you out of difficult situations! The electric winch is 50' (15M) long, and is able to be fitted to any model in the Razorback range.
    12 volt Recovery Winch & Tow
    - 12 volt Heavy Duty Winch & Tow
  7. Footwells
    Aluminium, deep, heavy duty

Razorback Introduction Video

"Seeing is believing!"

Take a look at the amazing Razorback Mowers in action. This is a very brief "introduction video" that will give you a small taste of just what these mowers can do!